Exciting times

Sam here. Apologies for this being a little bit self-indulgent, but I just wanted to write a quick line on reflecting on how excited we are by how things are progressing for us, and for the video production world generally. 

When we started this company in the spring of 2012, it was borne out of a joint vision of growth. I'm not even sure the phrase "a joint vision of growth" really means anything, so let me try to explain.

Three things were the case at that time.

  1. DSLR video production was growing, creating beautiful, filmic content that was within even the most modest of budgets
  2. Video online was growing rapidly generally
  3. The equine world, generally speaking, was a little bit behind the game in terms of quality and quantity of content

If we could only marry these three things together, we felt sure we could be onto a winner. So, driven by a love of wanting to show our passion, our pursuit, in the best way possible, and try new things, we set upon our journey.

By the end of 2012, we had produced promotional videos for a string of racing trainers, several promos for different organisations and even made two TV commercials. The vision was beginning to pay dividends. 

In 2013 we took out a stand at BETA International (http://www.beta-int.com) and continued to grow, travelling internationally for our clients while we pushed out as far and wide as we could. In this year we moved into bigger offices as things began to get really serious. 

And here we are half way through 2014, and things are thriving. Our client list reads like a who's-who of horseracing, and we are thrilled to be working with some of the biggest equestrian brands in the UK as well. Our work is being shown regularly on Channel 4 Racing (thanks to our work with the QIPCO British Champions Series), and we have adverts running on Horse & Country TV and Racing UK. At Royal Ascot 2014, our work was being shown to tens of thousands on the big screens. Really, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.

All the while, we are continuing to innovate, always trying new angles, rigs, cameras and techniques as we look to push the boundaries as far as we can, while always, always keeping horse-care central to everything we do. 

We've moved again into bigger offices as our team grows, and we have massive plans for the future. The economy widely is continuing to improve, demand for video online is booming, and more and more equine firms are realising the importance of advertising on TV. We're producing more content than ever before for a brilliantly wide range of clients. There is a realisation now that video content is something that can make a brand, really sell a facility, or can translate a personality, like no other medium. Crucially, within the equine world we're in, there is also a growing thirst for quality. A "that'll do" attitude is almost a thing of the past. We're not there yet, but we nearly are. 

So, as the title says, we're in exciting times. Roll on the future.