Hi, Sam here, I hope you're well.

Inspiration for film or video can come in many forms. Maybe it's something you've seen, a music video or the intro for a movie, or just an awesome TV programme or feature. Do you love the way something has been shot, or the way graphics have been used, or maybe a piece of music has just got you?

All that kind of inspiration is a great launch pad for making film to suit you, your company or brand. It might just be a little of something, and a little of something else and then a great bunch of something new. Whatever, anything is possible with film and the fact that there are so many inspirations are one of the things which makes it such an exciting and compelling genre to work in, and what makes it produce such great results in the world of marketing.

But what about inspirations which aren't something you've already seen on screen somewhere else? Say you're looking to promote a yard or facility.  Well maybe you've noticed the way the first morning summer light bounces through a tack room window. Or maybe how a horse's reflection shouts from your still pond on a calm day when you look from a certain angle. Or what about just that view, from that spot, when you take a ride or a walk down that path

These are the sort of things we love to be told about, capture and embrace in our films. Some of the shots that made the cut in our recent film for Newsells Park Stud would likely never have seen the light of day without us being given the lead by the great team there who know the lay of their land so well. Of course, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will spot new things too, but everything helps. 

And sometimes, it isn't what you see, but what you feel.

We've been fortunate to have been asked on a number of occasions now to produce review films for various sales at DBS. This was our latest, from the Spring Sales, back in May this year. To turn around these pieces as quickly as we can, we take an edit team on site, and work into the evening to produce the content. This means we have seen the terrific complex up there in a pretty unusual state, i.e at night - lit only by floodlights and the stables empty.

It looks great like this, pristine. 

But it's more than just how it looks, it's how it feels. The place has a sense of "what is to come", it's poised with the sense of purpose and occasion but somehow calm. An extraordinary feel.

We have used this inspirational feel as the basis of our latest TV commercial for DBS, to be screened on Racing UK from next Monday, for their upcoming Premier Sales.

Last month we went to film. The brilliant ground staff there set the place up beautifully, flowers prepped, in a sales-ready state, even though we were a few weeks away from the action. The restaurant was readied too with places laid, wine glasses out. It was great.

We set our alarm for 1.00am, and filmed through the night, and as the sun came up. We filmed the empty stables and the flood-lit arena. We flew our heli drone 30 minutes before sun-rise (to comply with aviation rules - 4.36am on that day, if you're wondering), and we flew around the arena.

It was a fun shoot, the time went by quickly (doesn't it always, when you're against the clock?), and we are thrilled with the results. We hope you like it - you can view it here.

This inspiration we were able to turn into what we hope will be a highly effective and memorable commercial, thanks to the confidence the DBS team have in us, and we are so grateful to them for that. 

In the meantime, below are some pics from the shoot, click each shot to cycle through!

Hope you have a great day. Remember, look out for inspirations, they're everywhere :). And if you'd like to share your inspirations with us, please do.