Award winners!

Hi, Sam here, just wanted to share this press release below, which we've sent out to a few outlets after we received two awards at a ceremony in the States on Sunday, so exciting! :-)




A video production company from Chepstow has won two international film awards at a ceremony in the United States.

 The fabulous Emma Massingale

The fabulous Emma Massingale

Equine Productions received the accolades at the Equus International Film Festival, held in Missoula, Montana – the heart of the Northern American Rockies.

Its documentary ‘Emma Massingale – No Reins, No Rules, No Limits’ was tied first for Best Documentary Short.

Commissioned by supplement company NAF, the 22-minute feature introduces Emma’s incredible relationship with horses and her connection with them.

The firm was also honored for Best Public Service Announcement/Commercial, for their film ‘Get Your Heart Jumping’ for The Jockey Club.

This featured six jockeys with their horses in a schooling session, filmed from different angles including from the air.

Janet Rose, Founder/Director of the Festival, said of the Emma Massingale documentary: “Audiences were enraptured by Emma, they were inspired by her and they left the theatre wanting more from and about her.  To many, Emma is an equine heroine and we, the festival, want to recognize her as such.

“Audiences are looking for more stories about Emma in the future and feel that she through her incredible communication with horses and her deep understanding and relationship with them, really exemplifies the mission of the film festival in many ways.”

 Getting some aerial shots for Get Your Heart Jumping. Picture courtesy of Stephie Horrocks Photography

Getting some aerial shots for Get Your Heart Jumping. Picture courtesy of Stephie Horrocks Photography

Janet continued; “In terms of Get Your Heart Jumping, with a former jockey and industry professionals in there, the team at Equine Productions has a perspective and understanding of their film and television subjects better than many. But their ability to capture the “essence” of the sport and various disciplines is truly spectacular. Their technical film work is simply breathtaking.”

The award ceremony took place on Sunday 20th September 2015.

Sam Fleet, Equine Productions Managing Director, said; “It’s a great thrill to win these awards, we’re proud of every film we produce and to get special recognition for these two is just fantastic. 

“We love working with Emma, and The Jockey Club, and of course we couldn’t have won these awards without them, and we’re so grateful to them both for that.” 

Emma Massingale, said; “Meeting Equine Productions last year through Lisa at The Brand Wagon and one of my Sponsors NAF was a huge leap in the direction I wanted to go, I was loving being creative with horses and Equine Productions enabled me to bring my adventures to the TV screen.

“It’s awesome that No Reins, No Rules, No Limits has won, for me what’s really awesome is all the people who have watched it, and sent messages saying they have been inspired to continue to follow their dreams with horses. I literally can’t wait to share the next one!” she said.

Abigail Sawyer, Group Head of Digital Content for The Jockey Club, said, “We are absolutely delighted that Get Your Heart Jumping has been honoured with this award. We set out to make a beautiful film that would not only get racing fans excited for the Jump season, but would highlight the the athleticism of both horse and jockey. State of the art cameras and talented cast and crew delivered a resulting film we are truly proud of.

“A big thank you to the jockeys, horses, the team at Equine Productions and the team at Jockey Club Estates, Lambourn who brought the idea to life in such spectacular fashion,” she said.

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