Sam Fleet - Managing Director


From the humble beginnings of a home office and a dream, to an award-winning equine film company in the space of five years, managing director Sam, has built up a team of experts in the horse, creative and technology world’s to produce outstanding results.  Developing this previously untapped opening, EP now covers a wide range of areas – from promotional films and television commercials, to bespoke features, online content and of course JockeyCam.

With a background in broadcasting, specialising in sports and news, alongside a lifelong fascination with horses, Sam oversees day-to-day business operations.

Away from his desk, Sam enjoys following Plymouth Argyle in their endless pursuit to one day make England’s top flight, watching (and very occasionally playing) many different sports, and spending time with his family including two young daughters, Florence and Harriet.

At his best when…coming up with new ideas

Hates it when…he’s hungry 

Dreams of…owning a future Epsom Derby winner

Life goals…to see his daughters growing up happy and healthy

Nathan Horrocks - Visual Director


After ten years as a national hunt jockey, visual director Nathan has an eye for a stride to ensure the perfect take on camera.  Combining his two passions - film and horses - Nathan brings credibility, authenticity and a wealth of industry knowledge to the creative process at EP.  After finding himself constantly frustrated with the undervalued visual output of his sport, in comparison to other extreme sports, Nathan had aspirations to engage those familiar, and unfamiliar with the equestrian world, through the use of film.  In 2012, he met Sam and Dave who shared these values and the EP adventure began.  The vision to reach out beyond the core audience, and portray the sport in a fresh light, inspiring those new to horses, is a strong focus of Nathan’s role.

In his non-existent ‘spare time’, Nathan enjoys watching films, snowboarding on the Alps and riding out on the gallops in Lambourn for Grand National winning trainer Oliver Sherwood.  You may also find him at the Chepstow Rum Bar after a long day on shoot.

At his best when…on the back of a race horse on a crisp winters morning

Hates it when… people are late

Dreams of…inspiring people to engage with horses

Life goals…to meet as many people in the world as possible

Dave James - Creative Director


In charge of the EP creative output, Dave brings ideas to life through impressive imagery - from designing creatives to capturing the best shots on camera - ensuring each project has a unique visual identity.  Whether it’s under a fence or inches away from a race-fit horse travelling at forty miles per hour, Dave will do whatever it takes to produce engaging content.  His interest in film-making stretches back to his father’s hand-me-down 35mm camera which sparked his passion for imagery.  Since then, he has worked in the world of sports documentary and broadcast, before specialising in equine filmmaking.

When time allows, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, probably somewhere in the welsh countryside.  He’s also known for wearing flip-flops around the EP office, whatever the weather.

At his best when…outdoors – work or play

At his worst when…stuck inside

Dreams of…fulfilment in retirement

Life goals…to produce content that makes a difference

Laura McLachlan - Office Manager and PA


From managing the EP finances to providing administration support, whilst keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly, office manager Laura is the centre of calm amongst the creative EP buzz - or as she likes to describe it ‘the yin to their yang’.  Her journey to EP stems from a background in management accounting, to more recently managing an aircraft engineering company.  She joined EP after meeting managing director Sam on the side-lines, whilst cheering on their children at a local football tournament.  Laura grew up and still lives in the Chepstow area, making her the go-to for local knowledge.  Mother of eight-year-old twins, whose footie practice keeps her busy at weekends, Laura has little ‘spare time’ but still manages to run the treasury for the local village hall.

At her best when… everyone is playing nicely

Hates it when…rain spoils play

Dreams of…a lie in

Life goals…for her children to be well rounded and happy

Rebecca Denman - Production Manager


Bex is an ex-event rider who has managed to forge a career from her three great loves of sport, horses and creating great content.  Previously a producer for the FEI (International Equestrian Federation), she followed the sport around the world and in 2016 managed the FEI’s successful Rio Olympic broadcast campaign.  Along with her specialist production skills and experience in broadcasting major equestrian events, Bex takes pride in broadening the output at EP to help firmly establish the company across all equestrian disciplines.

Born and bred in Wales and a sports fanatic, Bex’s two favourite things are the great outdoors and watching Wales play rugby.  She still gets on a horse from time to time, her love of eventing makes her just as at home producing in the field as it does galloping across one.

At her best when…outside in the sunshine

Hates it when…it all goes silent

Dreams of…either winning Badminton or winning an award for its live coverage 

Life goals…having travelled endlessly for the past four years and finally moved back to South Wales…the goal is to stay put for a bit!!

Kathy Stringer - Production Manager


As production manager, Kathy takes charge of developing the production process from day one – including briefs, creatives, budgets, bookings and schedules, through to the finished project.  As a budding film-maker herself, she also plays an active role on shoot, filming and directing the creatives.  After completing a Zoology degree at the University of Nottingham, she studied for a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking and was nominated for a prestigious award at the Equus Film Festival for her final film on the management of Dartmoor ponies.  Aside from her love of horses and wildlife, Kathy is sports mad and cycles fifteen miles each way to work alongside training for her first marathon in Venice next year.  Whilst holding strong environmental beliefs, Kathy has also developed an efficient office recycling regime – no chance of a plastic mix up at EP.

At her best when…outside

Hates it when…she’s run out of cereal

Dreams of…going to space

Life goals…to produce an environmental documentary that will change the way people live

Chris Daymond - Editor, Shooter and Drone Pilot


Chris is a guy with many talents.  Always in demand, EP are currently looking into the possibility of cloning him.  With an editor’s eye for the best shot, and as a camera operator in his own right, Chris plays an active role on shoots.  As a qualified drone pilot, Chris provides the EP film palette with outstanding aerial footage as well as ensuring the purpose built drones are in safe hands - and so are the horses!!  From the first shot to the final edit, Chris is also responsible for piecing together the footage to produce a finished piece.  After picking up the tricks of the trade in the world of live TV sports, Chris now enjoys his role at EP which allows a more artistic approach to editing.  At weekends, you’ll find Chris walking in the Forest of Dean, cycling and spending time with his two young daughters. 

At his best when…relaxed and emerged in the forest

Hates it when…he’s suffering from cycling withdrawal symptoms

Dreams of…an allotment

Life goals…to cycle up the Alps

Lorna Wilson - Editor


Lorna has a love of horses, a critical eye for detail and a wealth of experience. Using her expertise, she transforms raw footage into beautiful sequences that tell a story for EP’s clients.  With a history in motion graphics, she is a talented animator and brings a set of honed After Effects skills as part of her role at EP.  A combined knowledge of the equine world and post production means Lorna see’s both sides of the production, which gives her the edge on an edit, especially when on location. She loves being kept busy and continues to work on personal projects, creative collaborations and has also directed an award nominated short film.

When she’s in the office, if her head isn’t in an edit then you’ll likely find her making rounds of tea for the team and probably eating too many biscuits.  To relax, Lorna enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her pony Gus and exploring her local Devonshire countryside with her dog Jack.

At her best when…starting a new project with a large mug of peppermint tea

Hates it when…someone steals her seat on the train

Dreams of…keeping horses at home

Life goals…to win the Olympia puissance on Gus

Matt Taylor - Edit Assistant


From assisting the EP post-production team to managing the recording of sound, whilst filling the important role of office DJ – Matt has a varied position at EP.  His passion for film stretches back to an early obsession with BRUM, the John Williams Star Wars soundtrack, and a fascination for bringing objects to life through animation.  Alongside his 2:1 degree from the University of the Creative Arts, Matt holds award-winning projects to his name, including ‘Deep Pan Fury’ – an ambitious martial arts film with the industries top stunt artists – and is hoping to win a few more with EP.  Although ‘more filmmaker than horsey’, Matt grew up around horses and knows the do’s and don’ts - essential when on shoot with a boom in hand.

At weekends he enjoys sussing out new filming locations for online content with his fellow filmmaker friends.  He also lays down some pretty cool tracks as a DJ and you’ve probably heard one of his mixes at the hairdresser or in the pub.

At his best when…there’s tea and great people

Hates it when… there’s no phone signal

Dreams of…winning an Oscar

Life goals…to stay kind, friendly and considerate and excited for opportunities ahead

Ffion – Entertainment Officer


Providing all the office banter whilst undertaking the tough job of chief work/life balance operator, Ffion will keep you on your toes as she begs for her tennis ball to be thrown.  Her varied career includes eating ham, chasing cats and receiving the best cuddles.  Her busy schedule leaves little ‘spare time’ but you may find her practicing Tony Hawk styles flips on her skateboard.

At her best when…on walks

At her worst when…there is a cat on the other side of the window

Dreams of…chasing tennis balls on the beach

Life goals…to catch the cat on the other side of the window




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Why use EP?

The answer is a simple one, we understand horses and the industries where horses exist.  We are a specialist production company that can either lead on a project or work within another production company to help get the shot or vision of the director or client. 

We believe there is no other independent production company in the UK able to offer the same high-end proposal, specifically targeting equine industries, and we suggest that claim extends to the rest of the world also.